Sunday, 27 October 2013

Room One's Buddy!

These are pictures of us making our Buddy and what he looks like so far.

Room One’s Buddy
As part of an initiative by Child Matters, we have been chosen as a participant to create a Buddy for the upcoming Buddy Day on the 15th of November. This is because we did such a fantastic job last year.  It takes a community to look after a child  and this initiative aims to educate our students on how to be happy and healthy children. Things such as what  a sense of belonging is, how to flourish in life, how to put a smile on peoples faces and more  will be explored. It is an insightful and worthwhile project that really fits with both our Catholic ethos and our underlying learning theme this year, communication.
The project involves a range of learning opportunities but begins with designing our very own unique child. Everything from its gender, hair colour to its name, we have to decide upon together. It is real democracy at work. We all have to put forward our ideas and then as a group decide on which one the most people agree on. On Wednesday the 23rd of October, we began the designing  process by deciding on the gender and what colour parts of their body were going to be. The children decided they wanted the buddy to be a boy with golden hair, green eyes and beige coloured skin. The following day we began to put these decisions into action. There was so much more to decide on, like what shape his eyes were going to be, how to make his nose stick out from his face and how to decide what things in the classroom we could use to make these things, and more, possible.
This process was a real exercise in problem solving. We had to figure out how to make all these body parts and clothing stick to the cardboard cut out that we were provided. It also taught the students about how they can’t always get what they want. They have to consider other peoples feelings and thoughts and how to come to a compromise that everyone was happy with.
There is so much more to this project that we will be exploring over the next two weeks before we send him back home with Harcourts (one of the sponsors)buddy courier to be displayed alongside the other buddy.  It’s only natural that we want our buddy to be the best he can be. We also want our work surrounding him and his unhappy situation to be the most thoughtful, caring and helpful out of all the other classes from both Saint Anthony’s and other schools.

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