Sunday, 27 October 2013

This Little Light of Mine

Follow this link to see one of the new songs that Room One has been learning. It's very fast but we are slowly learning all the words. We sound AMAZING!

The Living Rosary

Living Rosary
As it is the month of Mary, the whole of Saint Anthony’s Catholic School have been learning how to pray the Rosary. On Friday the 18th of October, everyone participated in what is called, a living Rosary. Instead of us holding the Rosary beads as we prayed, the children were the beads. Here are pictures of some of the Room One students participating in the Living Rosary.

Room One's Buddy!

These are pictures of us making our Buddy and what he looks like so far.

Room One’s Buddy
As part of an initiative by Child Matters, we have been chosen as a participant to create a Buddy for the upcoming Buddy Day on the 15th of November. This is because we did such a fantastic job last year.  It takes a community to look after a child  and this initiative aims to educate our students on how to be happy and healthy children. Things such as what  a sense of belonging is, how to flourish in life, how to put a smile on peoples faces and more  will be explored. It is an insightful and worthwhile project that really fits with both our Catholic ethos and our underlying learning theme this year, communication.
The project involves a range of learning opportunities but begins with designing our very own unique child. Everything from its gender, hair colour to its name, we have to decide upon together. It is real democracy at work. We all have to put forward our ideas and then as a group decide on which one the most people agree on. On Wednesday the 23rd of October, we began the designing  process by deciding on the gender and what colour parts of their body were going to be. The children decided they wanted the buddy to be a boy with golden hair, green eyes and beige coloured skin. The following day we began to put these decisions into action. There was so much more to decide on, like what shape his eyes were going to be, how to make his nose stick out from his face and how to decide what things in the classroom we could use to make these things, and more, possible.
This process was a real exercise in problem solving. We had to figure out how to make all these body parts and clothing stick to the cardboard cut out that we were provided. It also taught the students about how they can’t always get what they want. They have to consider other peoples feelings and thoughts and how to come to a compromise that everyone was happy with.
There is so much more to this project that we will be exploring over the next two weeks before we send him back home with Harcourts (one of the sponsors)buddy courier to be displayed alongside the other buddy.  It’s only natural that we want our buddy to be the best he can be. We also want our work surrounding him and his unhappy situation to be the most thoughtful, caring and helpful out of all the other classes from both Saint Anthony’s and other schools.

Room 1 Speeches - TERM 3

Term 3 is speech writing time. Following are the children's speeches. Everyone did a great job writing and presenting their speeches.

Congratulations to Alex, Francine, Jorja and Isaac-James for making it through to the school wide speech competition that is held at the Parish Centre. What a special achievement. 

Alex – Fishing is Brilliant
Hello, my name is Alex and I am here to tell you how fishing is brilliant. Do you like fishing? Because I do! Fishing is a good sport you know. You can go fishing in oceans, rivers, and lakes. You can catch Rainbow fish, plain fish and goldfish. No, it is not hard to go fishing. There are fishing communities all over the world.

People go fishing because they want to eat fish. No it is not hard to go fishing. You can go fishing on fishing boats. You can go fishing on long and short fishing boats. Boats can be big or small. You can fish on or off boats. People can use nets to catch big and little fish. There are big of small nets.

People go fishing because they like to catch fish and they have a fun time. People fish in lakes, rivers and sea. There are a lot of rivers, lakes and seas in New Zealand so people can go fishing a lot.

When you go fishing you need fishing line, bait, sinkers, hooks and a knife. There are different kinds of fish like Rainbow fish, gold fish, orange fish, snapper and tuna. There are thousands of different fish in the oceans, rivers and lakes. It is not hard to fish except when you are pulling in a big fish. It hurts your arms, hands and back.

People make money when they catch fish because people buy the fish to eat. These people catch the fish and sell the fish. It is a fun but stinky job. In New Zealand the Ministry of Fisheries looks after our rivers, lakes and oceans. They stop people from catching too many fish. In New Zealand you are not allowed to catch too many fish because we want to leave some for others, especially the next generation.

The best time to go fishing is when the tides are changing, when it is a cloudy day and in different seasons you catch different types of fish. You can go fishing on hot sunny days. Different fish like different types of bait so try to use different baits if you are not having any luck.

My speech was on fishing communities in New Zealand and all over the world. Fishing communities are good because it’s a good sport and because they help people to get better and better at fishing so that if we catch a big one, we will know how to pull it in.

Alexander – Cool Crocodile Communities
Hello everybody, my name is Alexander and my speech is about crocodile communities. Crocodiles are cool and I want to tell you why.

Crocodiles are reptiles. They have short legs. They eat all kinds of things. They live in the water. They eat meat with their sharp teeth. They are big. Their babies are born in nests. They come from eggs.

Crocodiles have tails, eyes and 4 legs. They have a back and a tail. Crocodiles can do lots of things like crawl, sleep and eat. Baby crocodiles hunt for their food. They go under the water. Crocodiles walk on their feet and they have four feet.

We need crocodiles because they are God’s creatures. God made them so we have to have them even though they have sharp teeth. They also have a sharp back and tail.
Crocodiles live with other crocodiles in its family. They are a community.

Thank you for listening to my speech about crocodiles. They are cool reptiles.

Bailey – Police Communities
My speech is about police communities and how they help us. Police communities are good because we need their help.

Police work at the police station and in our community. They help people. They help them by seeing what they need help with.

Police wear uniforms. Policemen wear hats and they eat dinner on the job. They take naughty people to jail. They drive a police car and take people to jail. They catch people on police 10 7 which is a TV programme. They tell you who did the bad thing. .

The police take people to jail who drive without a licence and people who kill. Police people walk around the town to check if anything bad is happening.

If we didn’t have police communities the people who do bad things would keep doing them. This is not good because they would make people cry and they hurt them.

My speech was about police communities and how they help us. I think police people are marvellous and I love having them around.

Francine – Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church
Good morning/afternoon, my name is Francine and I am here to talk about our Saint Anthony’s Church. At church we pray and sing. And did you know there is a choir that leads us every day. There are a lot of churches around here in Huntly and in Hamilton there are heaps of churches.

We pray at church, we sing at church and we believe in God and Jesus. I go to church with my cousins, friends and of course my family. In church, the things there are precious.

We go to church because it is important and that means we love Jesus and God. All of us can go to church if we want too. We go to church every Saturday in Huntly.

We celebrate at church because it might be about Mary going up to heaven or it could be Jesus’ birthday or lots of other things about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We read the Gospel because we love Jesus and God and we want to learn about what they wanted to teach us.

At church we drink the wine and eat the bread that Jesus is in. The church has been around for over 2000 years. We can pray when we are there. We go to the Catholic Church because we are Catholics. There are a lot of other countries that have Catholic churches.

Do we praise God at church? Yes we do. Do we say nice things there? Yes we say nice things there. Why does our school go to church? We go to church to learn from Father Keane. Do we eat at church? No we do not eat there because it is not respectful. Do we hate each other there? No we do not hate each other, we love each other. Do we learn there? Yes we do learn there, lots about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and about being Catholic.

At church, we have a tabernacle. We look at the tabernacle when we genuflect because it shows that we love Jesus who is in there in the bread. Why is our church brown? The church might be brown because maybe it is Jesus’ favourite colour. And do you know on Mother’s day and Father’s day and Christmas day you will get a treat at church. Churches are precious. That’s why you need to come to church every Saturday or Sunday.

My speech was about the Catholic Church in Huntly. It is cool because you get to sing and praise God.

Jonathan – Rugby League Communities
Hi my name is Jonathan and my speech is about Rugby League. I think you should like Rugby League because it is fun to do tackles and get tries.

If you play league in the NRL you get paid lots of money. They have fun when they get rich. Playing rugby league would be a fun job and a fun game.

People play league in Hamilton, Auckland, New Zealand and Australia. The players drive to their games of they go in a plane.

Playing league is important because it is fun. I like it because you get to tackle. It keeps you fit and healthy. We are strong when we play rugby league. Some girls are tough and they can play.

When you play league you have to run fast, pass the ball, tackle the players and score a try. You can even kick the ball into the goal to get points

When I play league I put the ball on the ground. I get the ball and run. You might bump into someone and they might fly onto the ground and they might cry.

My speech was about rugby league. I think you should watch it and play it because you might win like the All Blacks.

Jorja – Amazing Art
Hello my name is Jorja and my speech is about art communities. Art is something you can imagine and get in your mind. Art is like drawing or painting.

Art helps people learn about pictures. They learn how to read the art to discover what the message is.  Art can be fun to do and look at.  It is fun to do because you get to be creative. It is cool to look at because you get to look at pictures that remind you if things, like maybe in the olden days.

People can do art, adults or children. To do art you need a piece of paper, some glue, some art supplies like paint, crayons and glitter. It is not always easy to decide what to draw or paint.

There are art competitions. If a person wins they get a prize. They win because they did the most beautiful art out of everyone in the competition.

Why does art get people involved? Art brings people together in groups to do something fun together. Everyone can be an artist. Artists get money when they are finished their art if it is really good. .

Art can be found everywhere. There are lots of kinds of art. People keep art on walls. The best art is fancy art. If there was no art we couldn’t put it in frames. Art can be looked at any time you want to. Everyone can look at art.

Artists are part of the art community. They are the people who make the art. We need artists because our life would be very empty without them

My speech was about art communities. We need them because they help us to have beautiful things to look at.

Joseph-Rhoven – God’s Beautiful Church
Hello everybody, my name is Robby and my speech is called God’s Beautiful Church. My speech is about going to the church and praying.

God made the church. God made us all beautiful. God made us to not be silly. At church we kneel, pray, sing and be quiet. God tells us something. We go with our family and see people we know, our friends and the priest.

At church we do the sign of the cross, we genuflect and we do things for Jesus. We are good to him and we try to act like him.
A church is a place that God is at. We go there. We pray for God. We do things for God like the sign of the cross. We go to church because our family goes there. If we don’t go we stay at home and do things we want. My church is called St Anthony’s. It is a parish. A parish is a big community.

Churches have a cross at the top. There are bricks and there are pictures inside like an angel on the window. There are stairs which lead up to the altar where Father stands. It is his big table.  

My speech was about the church and what we do there. I hope you liked it.

Leah – Zoo Communities
Hello my name is Leah and my speech is on zoo communities. Zoo communities are cool because they have cool animals.  Zoos help animals by feeding them, giving them water, and if they are sick they give them medicine.

Zoos are places that have animals. There a lot of animals there. People see the animals because they watch and learn about animals.

There are tigers and snakes and lions at the zoo. The zookeeper feeds the animal. Animals are at the zoo because their habitats are dying and they need to be looked after.

We need zoos because people called poachers kill zoo animals like cheetahs and baby sea turtles. We need to look after the animals so that people can look at them.

The kinds of animals that live at the zoo are goldfish, deer, hunting dogs, giraffes and monkeys.
There are peacocks and tigers and many more. Cheetahs run very fast and they have metal cages so they can’t get out.

Zoos are very important because they save animals from danger. My speech was about zoos. People should like zoos because they give you lots of information about animals.

Ofa – School is Cool!
I like school because we have fun with our friends. My speech is called school is cool. School is cool because we have fun at school and we learn lots and we have two lunch breaks.

Thousands of people go to school. You have to be 2 and 3 years old to go to kindy. At 5 years old you go to primary school. After primary school you go to high school. The big kids go there.

We do work at school. We learn how to read and write and how to run properly. We learn how to do our pluses and timetables. You have to colour in properly. You have to make sure you don’t go out the lines.

You don’t call out at school. You put your hand up first and then you don’t get a growling. If you call out at school you will get a growling, if you don’t, you won’t get a growling.

You have to turn on the computer yourself to learn. You listen to the teacher. If they say come and sit down on the mat then you have to listen.

We wear a school uniform because we have to. If you don’t you will have to go home and get changed.

We get fruit and milk at school so that we can get strong muscles. If we don’t we won’t get strong muscles.

You have to read books at school. You need to read it to yourself. We look at pictures and we know what the words are.

We need schools because if you don’t come to schools you will not learn how to read, write and count. We can learn to dance, do jump jam and how to do plays.

There are 5 primary schools in Huntly. They are called Saint Anthony’s, Kimihia, Huntly West, Huntly Primary and Rakaumanga.

My speech was called school is cool. Schools are very important because without them we wouldn’t how to speak, write, read, and count.

Pebbles – Zoo Communities
Hello everybody, my name is Pebbles and my speech is about zoo communities. Animals live in zoos and I am going to tell you what I know about them.

A giraffe is cool. They don’t have black and white stripes. They have dots only and a tail.

Zebras have long stripes and they look like a horse.  

Kangaroo’s bounce very high and they have baby joeys.

Rhinoceros’ are very big and they have horns on their noses. They are very fat.

Cheetahs are fast runners. They know how to scare people. 

Hippos have very big lungs. They run very fast and they do whatever they want to do.

Orcas can bite dolphins and eels. They can swim like electric eels. They are very big and they can jump high like dolphins. Dolphins are very little.

Bunny Rabbits do lots of little jumps.

Zoo keepers feed the lambs, cows and orcas. They feed them frogs and old tuataras.

Old tuataras are very cool. They are short and they’ve got a tail.

Elephants live in Auckland. Elephants are very fat and big so they can’t go in Hamilton Zoo’s. They can listen, look and hear when they are scared of something.

I love big fat animals. They are hippos and they can stomp very loud.

Camels have got humps on their back. They are very big but not like an elephant. Elephants are fat and big.

Lemurs are very short. They are like monkeys. They have ringtails and they make noises.

Pelicans can run and get some food. They look like birds. They have got wings and feathers.

My speech was about zoo animal communities. There are a lot of animals at zoos.

Sean – School is Cool!
Hi, my name is Sean. My speech is about school communities. We work, learn, eat and play at school. We run at school, bring lunch to school, chat at school and we bring toys to school for news at news time.

There are lots of school communities in Huntly like St Anthony’s, Kimihia and Huntly Primary School.
Schools have children and they go inside the school to finish their work. They eat their lunch and play on the playground. We put our lunchbox, bag and drink bottle on our hook.

Children go to school and big children go to school. We go to school to learn to write, read, count and we learn to play.
At school we learn printing and reading and story writing. Schools are important because we work at school and we play at school and we eat at school.
We tell our news at school. We bring our lunch to eat at school. We have got a computer and we have got crayons and we use the ipad, the camera, the interactive whiteboard and the spare camera.

I like school because we work at school and we play at school. We play zombie tag and we run at school. We go to Mass at school.  We draw at school.

My speech was about schools being cool! Schools are cool because it’s fun to be at school and you learn a lot.

William – Rugby League
Hello my name is William. My speech is about fantastic Rugby League. It is a different kind of rugby. Rugby League has got tackling and kicking of the ball. Rugby league is fun, the most fun sport in the world.

Rugby League is good for you because it helps you to run fast but it hurts. You have to be strong and you have to be a good kicker.  When you play league you need to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth, and some rugby boots. 

Sonny Bill Williams play’s for the Roosters. The Roosters have won heaps of times and they have versed the Warriors. The teams in the NRL are the Storms, the Knights, the Bronco’s, the Roosters, the Warriors and the Bulldogs. They play league in Australia and New Zealand. There are 16 teams in the NRL.

On TV you can see league. This is cool because you can’t always go to the games. In 1908 is when people started to play rugby league. That is in the olden days. I think they still play it the same way.

Rugby league communities are important because people love to watch the guys play. If we didn’t have them we would not see Rugby League being played. That would be bad because people would like to see their favourite players running around on the field each week.

Some of the players that play league are Billy Slater, Sonny Bill Williams, Benji Marshall, but he is going to play rugby soon, and Cameron Smith

My speech was about Rugby League and the NRL. Rugby league is important and I think people should watch it because they might learn how to play it.